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Ana was caught by the paparazzi Out & About in NY with some friends and the day after filming ‘Three Seconds’ in NY with Rosamund Pike!

0002.jpg 0013.jpg 0018.jpg 0017.jpg

Candids > 2017 > 26.08 Out & About in NY

0002.jpg 0014.jpg 0041.jpg 0040.jpg

Candids > 2017 > 25.08 Filming ‘Three Seconds’

Ana was seen in West Hollywood leaving a coffee shop, see the photos over our gallery:

001.jpg 007.jpg 013.jpg 028.jpg

Candids > 2017 > 28.03 Leaving a Zinque Cafe in West Hollywood, California

Ana was caught by the paparazzi out&about in West Hollywood:

002.jpg 007.jpg 013.jpg 010.jpg 017.jpg

Candids > 2017 > 30.01 Grabs a coffee whilst shopping in West Hollywood

Added 3 new images of Ana while she was in Cannes!

000.jpg 001.jpg 002.jpg

Candids > 2016 > 17.05.2016 Leaving Hotel Martinez in Cannes

Added three photos of Ana in 2013 while she was in the spanish market of ‘Las Cucas‘!

001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg

Candids > 2013 & Before > 07.04.13 El Mercado de las Cucas

Seems like Ana is stepped out of Budapest, maybe she finished filming #BladeRunner? Oh well, paparazzi found her outside the LAX Airport with Elvis:

0001~1.jpg 0003~1.jpg 0008~4.jpg 0013~2.jpg 0019~1.jpg

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