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Flaunt Magazine cover

Just weeks before the release of the new James bond film back in March, Ana de Armas and her fellow Bond co-stars were gearing up for the film’s huge premiere at London’s grandiose Royal Albert Hall. A bigger celebration than usual was planned: this was, after all, Bond’s 25th outing and Daniel Craig’s swansong from a role he’s held for the last fourteen years.

Of course, the premiere didn’t happen. No Time to Die was one of the first cinematic casualties of the pandemic, its release pushed back to November as coronavirus brought chaos to the world. Now, just weeks away from its new release date, de Armas is thrilled that it’s finally time to unveil Bond 25 to the world.

“I feel like I’ve been talking about Bond for so very long now!” de Armas smiles, remembering the very first round of interviews she did about her upcoming role as CIA agent Paloma almost eighteen-months ago. “It’s been such a long time coming but finally, the theaters are starting to re-open and the world can finally see it. I’m looking forward to the moment and I’m really hoping… we also get a chance to celebrate after all the hard work,” she says, leaning into the webcam, demonstrably crossing her index and middle finger on both hands. (continue reading the article here)

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