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You can now find BluRay screencaps of the movie ‘Hands of Stone‘. Ana looks so beautiful!

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Film Productions > 2016 — Hands of Stone > Screencaps

We are lucky enough to share with you exclusive screencaps from ‘Daughter of God’ movie. I felt absolutely in love with this director cut, such a strong message! I can’t even express how I wished you could all see this movie as it was supposed to be. It’s on my TOP list of my favourite movies of all time for sure.

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Film Productions > 2016 — Exposed > Director’s Cut: Daughter Of God

You can now find in our gallery the Blu-Ray screencaps of ‘War Dogs‘ available! Ana plays the beautiful Iz:

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Film Productions > 2016 — War Dogs > Screencaps

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Ana de Armas is featured on Variety October’s issue as one of the ’10 actors to watch’


Magazine Scans > 2016 > October, Variety

Finally got to watch the spanish movie Ana did back in 2015 called ‘Anabel‘!! See the screencaps over the gallery. And yes, the majority of the movie is b&w 🙂

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Film Productions > 2015 — Anabel > Screencaps