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The second poster (first was released in a very low quality image from Cannes festival small screen) for Overdrive has been released! As well as some new information on the film according to this site:


Film Productions > 2017 — Overdrive > Posters

Professional car thieves Andrew and his younger brother Garrett, find themselves in conflict with French gangsters. The two brothers specialized in the theft of expensive, luxury cars were hired to steal a beautiful Bugatti from 1937 worth one million euros while moving to the south of France to complete the job. But they are caught by the owner and a local gangster Jacoma Morier, that they, in exchange for their lives offered a new job – to steal from his main rival, Max Klemp, its most luxurious car – Ferrari 250 GTO 1962.

Hungarian Release: 16.03.2017

UK Release: 05.05.2017 (more)

France Release: 15.02.2017 (more)

We have added Ana’s instagram pictures now divided by years for a easier view:

10852980_1531237100458722_1778196199_n.jpg 11272377_412117715634464_2029467324_n.jpg 10540322_1517720188464803_737283523_n.jpg 1799808_242551579251246_1878394503_n.jpg 11199623_637218503089077_1430296263_n.jpg

Miscellaneous > Ana_d_Armas Instagram

As to celebrate the New Year, we ordered two brand new themes from Margos to our main page and gallery page!! Hope everyone likes them 🙂

We are starting a new tradition over our Ana de Armas Network, where we will review the high points of Ana’s career at the end of the year. Our very first review shows you how big 2017 will be on Ana’s career, featuring new movie productions, photoshoots/ magazines featurettes and great events. Keep reading! 😉

Following a very busy end of 2015 where Ana started to launch her career in the USA, we saw 3 movie productions being released this year: Hands of Stone, Exposed  (which was originally ‘Daughter of God’, that you can exclusively see the movie screencaps over our gallery) and War Dogs. Also, Ana filmed 2 movie productions for 2017, Overdrive and Blade Runner: 2049.

001~63.jpg 002-hq~0.jpg 000-2.jpg 031~1.jpg 001~62.jpg

Gallery: Film Productions

As for public events, Ana travelled around the world, USA, Spain, France, Hungary, not only during tours for movie productions but also for wonderful events, specially for fashion events but also promoting her new movies:

3_28729.JPG 2_284229.jpg 4_28429.jpg 2_281529~0.jpg 7_281329~0.jpg

Gallery: Public Appearances > 2016

003~51.jpg 001~81.jpg 004.jpg 0056.jpg 1_28829~0.jpg

Gallery: Candids > 2016

Due to having brand new movies being released, and being such a young celebrity going to Hollywood, Ana has been featured as one of the most promising new face of 2016/ 2017. This included major publications like Instyle, Hollywood Reporter, Vogue, Nylon, W, GQ, Vanity Fair and Elle and staying faithful to Spanish publications like YO Dona and Fotogramas:

006~32.jpg 007~22.jpg 008~14.jpg 001~60.jpg 006~24.jpg

Gallery: Studio Photoshoots > 2016

001.jpg 002~39.jpg 001~66.jpg 001~61.jpg 001~68.jpg

Gallery: Magazine Scans > 2016

Also in 2016, Ana uploaded so many good looking photos to her official instagram account, which show a brand new hair-do for 2017, blonde and with bangs:

11191184_643401325791055_1427500674_n.jpg 12725208_554309461385808_2034294321_n.jpg 15625431_1397267870283939_7249598276716986368_n.jpg 13385719_1558625691105715_1510849690_n.jpg 14031688_322493284762997_1721329756_n.jpg

Gallery: Miscellaneous > Ana_d_Armas Instagram

As always, we wish Ana, her family and friends the best in this upcoming year. May 2017 bring you all love, happiness and success. Thank you to all Ana de Armas fans for supporting us! ❤️

Added brand new images to our gallery!

001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg

Studio Photoshoots > 2016 > Session 005 for Hollywood Reporter

All the site staff would like to wish a Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays to all Ana de Armas fans 😀