Petition: Tell Lionsgate to release the Daughter of God/Exposed director’s cut

Eveyone please join!! As a fan of Ana de Armas we all want to see the director’s cut of Daughter of God/ Exposed!

Lionsgate Premiere significantly edited the movie called “Daughter of God” directed by Gee Malik Linton into an incomplete and disjointed film renamed “Exposed”. Lionsgate Premiere did this without the director’s approval so the director removed his director credit from the film. The original director’s cut focused on Dominican family and the primary protagonist Isabel. The director’s cut also depicts the protagonist’s ability to remain strong with the support of her Dominican step-family along with surreal undertones.

Lionsgate Premiere removed major scenes featuring black and Latino characters along with major chunks of Isabel’s Dominican family life in Washington Heights. Cut by more than 25 minutes, the once dreamy-yet-haunting, female-centered drama is turned into a disjointed thriller with a flat unfinished ending. Some characters’ parts are cut almost entirely, diminishing the effect of the final twist of the film and causing the ending to fall flat. The subplot about police corruption and brutality is diluted to make more time for Keanu Reeves to brood, an attempt to expand what was intended as a thin role for the sake of box office revenue. Surreal elements that made this movie special aren’t in the final cut. This petition strongly requests Lionsgate Premiere to release the director’s cut.