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There was a contention back in antiquity: “nothing comes from nothing” (or “nihil fit ex nihilo” if you ever find yourself trying to impress the foreign secretary). It’s an axiom worth remembering when you encounter the likes of Ana de Armas. Although the 29-year-old might seem to have come out of nowhere to own the cinema – she stars in this summer’s Scott Eastwood heist film Overdrive and plays the female lead in this year’s event picture Blade Runner 2049 – she has been quietly building her profile since 2006.

First she had Spanish TV shows; then, after moving to Los Angeles in 2014, Hollywood outings: re-watch Keanu ReevesKnock Knock, Robert de Niro’s Hands Of Stone or Jonah Hill’s War Dogs. She’s the Cuban actress stealing all the scenes. A more elegant philosophical proof we challenge you to find.

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Blade Runner left audiences with a mystery: was Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) a replicant or a human? The upcoming sequel (starring Ana de Armas) will “take care of it”, according to director Denis Villeneuve.