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The American Film Market (AFM) has unveiled its full list of screenings, including 80 world and 324 market premieres, for the upcoming edition running November 4-11 in Santa Monica. Over 400 films are scheduled to be screened with more expected to be confirmed as the market approaches.

Among the world premieres are Trespass Against Us (Protagonist Pictures) starring Michael Fassbender and Brendan Gleeson; the John Travolta-starrer I Am Wrath (Hannibal Classics); Daughter Of God (Fortitude International) with Keanu Reeves; The Phenom (Conquistador) starring Ethan Hawke and Paul Giamatti; and Get Squirrely (SC Films International) with voices by John Leguizamo, Will Forte and John Cleese.

Films making their market debuts at AFM include Ithaca (The Exchange) from director Meg Ryan with a cast including Tom Hanks, Sam Shepard and Jack Quaid; the thriller Go With Me (Electric Entertainment) starring Anthony Hopkins, Julia Stiles and Ray Liotta; Urban Hymn (Metro International Entertainment) starring Shirley Henderson; Sky (The Bureau Sales) with Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus; Colonia (Beta Cinema) starring Emma Watson, Daniel Brϋhl and Michael Nyqvist; Janis: Little Girl Blue (Content) directed by Amy Berg; The Confirmation (Arclight) starring Clive Owen, Maria Bello, Patton Oswalt, Jaeden Lieberher and Matthew Modine; Touched With Fire (Myriad Pictures) with Katie Holmes; and Toronto favorite Angry Indian Goddesses (Mongrel International).

Daughter of God Screenings

Wednesday, Nov. 4th – 9:00 AM – Broadway Cineplex #3

Thursday, Nov. 5th – 11:00 AM – Broadway Cineplex #3



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According to Bloody Disgusting  ‘ Knock Knock ‘ will be released on December 8th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

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Over 300 photos from Ana de Armas at Knock Knock premiere!!!

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Appearances > 2015 > 07.10.15 Premiere Of Lionsgate Premiere’s ‘Knock Knock’

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She conquered Spain with 18 and now, at 27, the Cuban actress EE wheel. UU. ‘Knock Knock’, her first film in English.

Ana de Armas:She came, saw and conquered Spain with 18 and now, at 27, the Cuban Ana de Armas arrives in Hollywood with ‘Knock Knock’, her first film in English, which seduces Keanu Reeves in a deadly game and that initiates which hopes, is a long tour in the US industry.

“Starting from scratch in Hollywood after so long in Spain is hard and is a sacrifice, but it’s my decision and I am very proud,” the actress said in an interview.

“I feel good and perform. In the end, you can go right or wrong, but I have been true to myself and I did what I felt I should do. Of course I want to return to Spain, to Cuba … Later I’ll go where he is, but now we have to be here. In Hollywood you have to see your face, “she said.

‘Knock Knock’, Eli Roth, tells how two young attractive and lost (Lorenza Izzo and weapons) in full rainy night knock on the door of a parent (Reeves) who will spend the weekend alone at home .

What initially began as a series of kind acts towards them, soon leads to a dangerous game of seduction where his true intentions will be revealed.

“Two cats playing between them with a mouse in half,” said the actress, who reminds tape works like ‘Fatal Attraction’ or ‘Funny Games’.

“These girls are looking for the man who is able to say no. It refuses to have sex with them. And do not lie,” said De Armas, who decided to get involved in the project mainly for her screenplay.

“It’s very funny and speaks of temptations, to resist what we like, sexual taboos, fidelity … In addition, it is difficult to find a bad character for a woman,” said De Armas, who became a close friend of Reeves during filming and she has also shot and another film, ‘Daughter of God’.

“When I lived in Cuba and was little I sat him on Sundays at noon. It is traditional lunch on the couch with the plate on his knees and watch movies, so I grew up watching Keanu in ‘Matrix’, ‘Speed’ .. . Working with him was like a ‘shock’. And over here we do everything, “said the interpreter.

“I get up -told-, I pulled the panties to his face, put my feet in my mouth, I hit … It was fun. He is very generous, patient, good person and worker. He did everything for us we felt calm and do not intimidate us give you a slap. ”

‘Knock Knock’ which opens Friday in the United States, will help the American public discovers it, as happened eight years ago in Spain with the series ‘Boarding’.

“I’m nervous. To see what the public reaction and see if they like,” confessed sincere actress, for whom the sex scenes “are not the most difficult.”

“It makes it very fast. No one is comfortable, have to be done, period. The difficult are others. These are not paying attention. Do not study for that. It costs me nothing. I do not give them value,” he said.
Overturned on learning English, says she is now “more comfortable and free” with the language, although he admits he has a long process ahead of time to convince producers and directors who, because of his accent and his physique, his It is not the typical image of a Latina actress.

“I do not see it as a handicap. It’s like a superpower that can learn and use. It’s something new for them and for me,” he said.
Next year, when four films in its portfolio (including ‘Hands of Stone’ with Robert De Niro, and “Arms and the Dudes” by Todd Phillips), they premiere it will be a good indication of that acceptance.

“My dream is -closing the interview- work with directors that I admire and roll stories in which I believe. Always try to go for the creative side and do things for money. What you can do or take other decisions, well, that happens in life. I learned a lot about the film industry. “

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