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A small video has been released of Ana portraying one of the many faces of Joi. This time (and gotta say, I totally missed it on the movie), Ana’s character has a blue wig and blue outfit, and you see her dancing as a hologram in one of the movie scenes (to which we added two screencaps on the bluray screencaps album).

0193-1.jpg 0193-2.jpg 001.jpg 003.jpg



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We previously annouced that Ana was casted in a brand new project called Corazon.  Yesterday the director announced via instagram that the movie has been nominated for The Tribeca X Awards which will announce its winner later this month.

You can see the official trailer on the movie’s site (here) and screencaps plus a new promotional picture from it under:

001.jpg 0007.jpg 0047.jpg 0058.jpg


Brand: Montefiore
Directed by John Hillcoat
Agency: JohnXHannes New York

The men who pay Elena Ramirez for her body don’t know she’s dying. With nothing left to lose and a family that needs her to live, she decides to leave Santo Domingo and follow the only doctor who offers her hope on a near-impossible journey to New York. Corazón, a startling film based on a true story, features Academy Award nominee Demian Bichir and actress Ana de Armas and is directed by John Hillcoat.

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Ana is filming a new project called ‘Corazón’. It is directed by John Hillcoat and her character name is Elena and has brown eyes and darker hair!

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We have not only a new event, but also a photoshoot and one new picture from the set of Blade Runner 2049

0002.JPG 0004.jpg 0010.jpg 0012.jpg

Public Appearances > 2018 > 13.01 Awards Event with Belvedere Vodka

002.jpg 007.jpg 009.jpg 005.jpg

Studio Photoshoots > 2018 > Session 001

Film Productions > 2018 — Blade Runner: 2049 > On Set

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Hi everyone! As Ana is a bit slow on news we finally managed to get Blade Runner 2049 and added the beautiful and amazing screencaps to the gallery! En’JOI’:

0016.jpg 0041.jpg 0079.jpg 0224.jpg

0273.jpg 0290.jpg 0335.jpg 0436.jpg

Film Productions > 2018 — Blade Runner: 2049 > BluRay Screencaps

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Labels: Projects, Video