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To continue the additions on Sergio we have added brand new production stills to our gallery. Enjoy 11 new production stills from the Netflix movie also featuring Wagner Moura and Ana playing Carolina.

004.jpg 005.jpg 008.jpg 012.jpg

Film Productions > 2020 — Sergio > Production Stills

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As you may know, the long-anticipated Sergio is now out and available on Netflix  all over the world! We have seen Wagner Moura as Sergio itself, and Ana playing as Carolina and we couldn’t be more happy with the result. We bring you +800 HD screen captures to our gallery. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter for small previews of the movie with a few gifs to be posted during the next days 🙂

0045.jpg 0161.jpg 0241.jpg 0831.jpg 

Film Productions > 2020 — Sergio > Screencaps

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We have added to our gallery over 600 screencaps of The Night Clerk! Enjoy:

0017.jpg 0238.jpg 0335.jpg 0569.jpg

Film Productions > 2019 — The Night Clerk > Blu-Ray Screencaps

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Over 1000 screencaps from the full movie of  Knives Out as well as from the extras featured on the blu-ray edition. We have gathered all extras into one album but there were actually 9 extras available including one deleted scene.

0009.jpg 0060.jpg 0159.jpg 0372.jpg

0086.jpg 0612.jpg 1170.jpg 1337.jpg

Film Productions > 2019 — Knives Out > Blu-ray Extras

Film Productions > 2019 — Knives Out > Blu-ray Screencaps

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Ana has graced yet another great magazine! This month features not only Vanity Fair but also Porter Magazine. Enjoy:

001.jpeg 004.jpeg 008.jpeg 006.jpeg

Studio Photoshoots > 2020 > Session 005 – Porter Magazine

From flawed Bond woman to the ultimate blonde bombshell, ANA DE ARMAS is quietly making a name for herself in Hollywood with her steely determination and drive – not to mention talent. CHRISTINE LENNON spends time with the Havana native, talking homework, hard work and the unexpected joy of leaping into the unknown.

Ana de Armas found herself in a familiar setting while filming No Time To Die, the 25th instalment of the James Bond franchise. The Cuban-born actor traveled to Pinewood Studios, just outside London, which had been transformed into a near-identical replica of downtown Havana for the film.

“It was completely freezing, so it did not feel like home,” de Armas laughs, recalling the cavernous set. “But I was impressed by how beautiful and realistic it was. It went on and on forever. And working with Daniel [Craig] again was so great.”

Her character, the mysterious CIA agent Paloma, is set to be a new brand of Bond woman, described as “flawed” and “messy”, who also happens to be Cuban. She reunites with Craig – making his fifth and final outing as Bond – having starred together in Knives Out, last year’s hit whodunit.

De Armas shone in the Agatha Christie-esque, but originally written, film, even amidst an ensemble of Hollywood names at the top of their games. “It was incredible,” she says of the experience, wearing a fluffy white robe on her PORTER shoot while the crew waits for the LA sun to emerge from behind thick clouds. Receiving a Golden Globe nomination for the role was also “surreal”.

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We have added several pictures over our gallery including 2020 candids, related to Deep Water but as well as Ana Out & About.

You can also find new additions to The Informer and Knives Out which is out in DVD and Blu-Ray in a month!

0008.jpg 0017.jpg 0007.jpg 0020.jpg  

Candids > 2020 > JAN 21: Filming ‘Deep Water’

005.jpg 004.jpg  027.jpeg 028.jpeg

Film Productions > 2019 — The Informer

Film Productions > 2019 — Knives Out

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Ana was announced to join The Night Clerk back in May 2018, and now Saban Films have released the first trailer, production stills and posters! The movie is out, on demand, on February 21th. Enjoy:

002.jpg 003.jpg

022.jpg 057.jpg 068.jpg 094.jpg

Film Productions > 2019 — The Night Clerk > Trailer #1

Film Productions > 2019 — The Night Clerk > Posters

Film Productions > 2019 — The Night Clerk > Production Stills

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The year has start in big for Ana, for now, we bring Sergio trailer for Netflix, which premieres on April 7th.

010.jpg 041.jpg 051.jpg 082.jpg

Film Productions > 2019 — Sergio > Trailer #1


Film Productions > 2019 — Sergio > Posters

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