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Ana de Armas and Lashana Lynch covered The Hollywood Reporter while promoting No Time To Die. Featured in this post is a interview video, screencaps from it, photoshoot pictures and magazine scans! Now that’s what we call a complete update 🙂


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Magazine Scans > 2019 > November 6: The Hollywood Reporter

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Studio Photoshoots > 2019 > Session 006 for The Hollywood Reporter

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 Screencaps > Photoshoots Clips > 2019, November 06 for The Hollywood Reporter

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On the November edition of  C California Style & Culture you can see Ana has graced the cover! Find more below and in our gallery:

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“I never thought I was going to be a Bond girl. I never thought I was going to be Marilyn Monroe,” confides 31-year-old actor Ana de Armas. “To even think that I was going to work in anything to begin with was pushing it. But at the same time, I guess I kind of knew [it could happen] because that’s why I moved to L.A. Something inside me knew I was going to be able to do it.” That proof of concept didn’t take long to manifest. It was a mere five years ago that de Armas moved to Hollywood from Madrid — at the time, she barely even spoke English.

full interview

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Ana has been selected as one of the 9 rising stars you’re about to see everywhere! And guess what, we have been seen Ana everywhere already 😉 She finally has been recognized as the versatile actress she is.



A running gag in Knives Out—the late-November whodunit from director Rian Johnson (Star Wars: The Last Jedi)—centers on a murdered patriarch’s private nurse, Marta, played by Ana de Armas. “She’d been working for Harlan [Christopher Plummer] for about five years,” says the Cuban actress, 31, who joins Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Evans, and LaKeith Stanfield in the ensemble thriller. “But the family has no clue where she’s from. In every scene, she’s being told she’s from a different country.” Such insensitivities, she says, were left on camera. In real life, the cast bonded like family, thanks to two months of intensive autumn filming in Boston.

She credits Curtis for her maternal energy, Evans for his comic relief, and Stanfield for his sartorial sense. As for De Armas, she soaked it all in. “They all had so many stories to tell,” says the actress, who moved stateside in 2014 and was quickly cast in blockbusters like WarDogs and Blade Runner 2049. “I was trying to absorb as much as I could.” Next, she’ll shed Marta’s frumpy garb for more flattering fashion, playing the marquee role in the Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde and Craig’s next Bond girl in the spy franchise.


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As to celebrate Ana’s and other cast members, Bond 25, made a Film Launch in Jamaica. Enjoy beautiful pictures of Ana on the event wonderfully wearing a beige laced dress by Rosario. You  can find some interviews featuring Ana here, here, here and here. According to the interviews Ana’s character is called Paloma.

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 Public Appearances > 2019 > 25.04 “Bond 25” Film Launch at GoldenEye, Jamaica

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