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Ana attended in Madrid, on a brand new premiere for Blade Runner 2049, also, and one interview here.

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Public Appearances > 2017 > 19.09 ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Madrid Photocall

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Ana attended to a Mexican Press Day for ‘Blade Runner 2049’ yesterday and got a big scare while the earthquake happened but everything is fine! See pictures and a new trailer here:

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Public Appearances > 2017 > 07.09 ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Mexican Press Day


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Ana is gracing the 28th cover of Spanish magazine’ Tentaciones‘! This is a free magazine with ‘El Pais’ which is due tomorrow at the stores. Get your copy!

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Screencaps > Photoshoots Clips > 2017. August 26th for Tentaciones


Magazine Scans > 2017 > August 26: Tentacinoes (El Pais)


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Film Productions > 2018 — Blade Runner: 2049 > TV Spot #1

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Film Productions > 2017 — Overdrive > Interview #1

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Hi everyone! Sorry for being late on the Comic Con post, but I was gathering everything I could find and vacation got on the way 😉 Enjoy Ana on the latest Comic Con event, where she wore a beautiful Reem Arca Resort 2018 jumpsuit:

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Public Appearances > 2017 > 22.07 Comic-Con International 2017 – Warner Bros. Pictures

Studio Photoshoots > 2017 > Session 002 for Comic Con

From the interviews, about Joi:

The first day on set Ana got naked for a shoot as a hologram.


Videos: 001 | 002  | 003 |

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