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Outside of the corset or kimono, few looks resonated with A-listers and their followers this summer quite like the off-the-shoulder top. It seems like every major model, actress, and even royal family member has tried their hand at the collarbone-centric style, and all with equally stunning results. The latest to hop on the trend is War Dogs actress Ana de Armas.

The 28-year-old Cuban–born star is in town to promote the boxing epic Hands of Stone, in which she appears opposite Robert De Niro and Edgar Ramírez, but it was her fitted Narciso Rodriguez frock that proved a total knockout. The nude color of her dress, amped up by delicate hoop earrings and barely there coordinating sandals, highlighted her golden complexion. With summer winding down, it’s a look that suits both evening cocktails and outdoor entertaining (though those beachside should swap the stilettos with sandals for an effortless effect).

First day promoting ‘Hands of Stone’ Ana took a day off from Blade Runner 2 production and wore a beautiful beige dress by Narciso Rodriguez.

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 First Cannes event Ana attended to was by Weinstein Company for Hands of Stone: Cocktail Party, we have photos and a video for you! Also, we have available for you to see over the gallery pics of Ana arriving at Nice airport from the same day. Plus you can see what Ana wore on the event on this page!

1_28229~0.jpg 1_28429.jpg 1_28629.jpg 2_28129.jpg 2_28329.jpg 2_28529.jpg

Candids > 2016 > 14.05.2016 At Nice Airport

001~39.jpg 002~28.jpg 003~29.jpg 004~30.jpg 005~24.jpg 006~20.jpg

Public Appearances > 2016 > 14/05 – The Weinstein Company’s ‘HANDS OF STONE’ Cocktail Party

0_01~1.jpg 0_13~3.jpg 0_16~2.jpg 0_17~3.jpg 0_21~3.jpg 0_25~4.jpg

Screencaps > Photoshoots Clips > 2015, The Weinstein Company’s ‘HANDS OF STONE’ Cocktail Party

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Screencaps > Snapchat > Edgar Ramirez #1

 Screencaps > Snapchat > Cannes #1

Screencaps > Snapchat > Edgar Ramirez #2

A new addition to Ana’s Wardrobe has been added! She wore Emporio Armani on this event:

View more of Ana’s Wardrobe here.

Ana has posted a new photo over instagram, getting her hair colored where you see her with a new iPhone Cover! We found its brand and it’s by Skinny Dip ‘Chubby Unicorn’ Cover costs 12£ for iPhone 5/5s and 14£ for iPhone 6!


We have added two brands to two items Ana has wore and posted on her instagram! Click here to see:


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