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New small interview with Ana telling about how it was to work with Keanu Reeves and new stills from ‘Exposed‘:

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The cuban actress Ana de Armas is one of the stars, which with famous actor Keanu Reeves star in the new film ‘Exposed’, opens in theaters on Friday (22/01/2016).

“This film was a great adventure that meant a lot to me, especially because it has a very intriguing, emotional and full of surprises script,” she told People in Spanish actress of 27 years.

“In addition, I was lucky to work with the talented Keanu Reeves for the second time. Can not wait to work with him in another movie, “said De Armas, referring to Knock Knock by film director Eli Roth.

‘Exposed’ tells the story of a young Latina (ARMS) in New York that is involved in an investigation of a detective (Reaves) trying to clarify the death of his partner.


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Added new photos to the gallery:

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Appearances > 2015 > 12.11.15 Cosmopolitan’s 50th Birthday Party held at Ysabel

Appearances > 2012 > 21.05.12 ‘Cosmopolitan Fragrances Awards 2012’ in Madrid

Appearances > 2012 > 27.03.12 Shangay Awards 2012

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Photoshoots > Session 90

Photoshoots > Session 55

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First clip with Ana de Armas has been released!



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Added three new photos of Ana with fans! Plus changed the Photos with Fans section and will add them by year from now on:

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And to finish the year I have added more images to the gallery !! See you all in 2016!

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Photoshoots > Session 90

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