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New Photoshoots added

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That’s how the September cover was made: Ana de Armas

The protagonist of our new number debut this month ‘gunplay and is about to shoot the sequel of ‘Blade Runner’. We present the making of production.

In our September issue, Ana de Armas is the protagonist of an in-depth interview and an exclusive photo session for FOTOGRAMAS, by by Ximena Garrigues Sergio Moya, the result can see on our cover and pages Already magazine sale !.

Cuban actress jumped from Spain to Hollywood just over two years ago and in that time has worked twice with Keanu Reeves (in ‘Knock Knock’, Eli Roth, and ‘Exposed’ by Declan Dale); with Robert De Niro in ‘Hands of Stone’ by Jonathan Jakubowicz, and Scott Eastwood in ‘Overdrive’ by Antonio Negret. And while you wait to start shooting the sequel, nothing more and nothing less, ‘Blade Runner’, commanded by Denis Villeneuve, has returned to our country to promote the new film by Todd Phillips ( “The Hangover The Vegas’) entitled ‘weapons Game “opposite Jonah Hill and Teller Milles. A gradual climb to international success that has only just begun. Congratulations!

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Thank you to ApoyoAnadeArmas for the magazine scans!

AOL Build Presents Ana de Armas Discussing Her New Movies

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‘Hands of Stone’ USA Premiere

Finally was able to add photos from ‘Hands of Stone’ USA Premiere! We had over 1000 pictures and managed to organize all of them and this is our collection from the event. See over 250 pictures on our gallery:

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