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Added new photos to the gallery:

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Appearances > 2015 > 12.11.15 Cosmopolitan’s 50th Birthday Party held at Ysabel

Appearances > 2012 > 21.05.12 ‘Cosmopolitan Fragrances Awards 2012’ in Madrid

Appearances > 2012 > 27.03.12 Shangay Awards 2012

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Photoshoots > Session 52

Photoshoots > Session 90

Photoshoots > Session 55

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First clip with Ana de Armas has been released!



0_016.jpg 0_024.jpg 0_033.jpg 0_068.jpg 0_098.jpg 0_101.jpg

Projects > Film > Exposed > Clip #1

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Added three new photos of Ana with fans! Plus changed the Photos with Fans section and will add them by year from now on:

0001.jpg 0002.jpg 0003.jpg s s s

Miscellaneous > (2016) Photos with Fans

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And to finish the year I have added more images to the gallery !! See you all in 2016!

0085.jpg 0007.jpg 0029.jpg 006.jpg 009.jpg

Miscellaneous > Photos with Fans

Photoshoots > Session 90

Projects > Film > Exposed > Production Stills

Projects > Film > Exposed > Behind The Scenes

Projects > Film > Hands of Stone > Behind The Scenes

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New Stills from ‘Exposed’ have been released on the official ‘Exposed’ facebook page:

000.jpg 001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg

Projects > Film > Exposed > Production Stills


Don’t forget! On January 22, ‘Exposed’ will premiere in theaters and is available on demand in the USA!

According to IMDB it has the alternative title of ‘Wisdow’, as before we also known it as ‘Daughter of God’

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054.jpg 008.jpg 006.jpg 005.jpg  

Projects > Film > Knock Knock > Production Stills

Projects > Film > Blind Alley / El Callejón > Behind The Scenes

Projects > Film > Exposed > Behind The Scenes

Projects > Film > Blind Alley / El Callejón > Covers

Projects > TV > Hispania, The Legend / Hispania, la leyenda > Promotional Pictures

Projects > Film > For a Handful of Kisses / Por un puñado de besos > Production Stills

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