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2016 has been a great year for Ana de Armas. The cuban actress arrived in Los Angeles just two years ago and has already managed to work with some of Hollywood’s most respected names. With two brand new films and other on the set, de Armas has many reasons to be happy. We talked to her about her two new films War Dogs, which opens on August 19 and Hands of Stone, which opens on 26 of the same month, the costumes of each and how to work with actors of the stature of Harrison Ford.
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New pictures from War Dogs have been released! It is now open worldwide, have you seen it!?

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Features Ana de Armas as ‘Who’s star’ for a up-and-comers featurette, featuring Herizen Guardiola, Lakeith Stanfield, Bibi Bourelly, Unity Phelan, Desiigner, Kelly Rohrbach, Selena Forrest and Zara Larsson.

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Ahead of this month’s dark comedy, War Dogs, the Cuban-Spanish actress talks to Vanity Fair about her childhood, her heritage, and her introduction to Hollywood.

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AGE: 28.

PROVENANCE: Santa Cruz del Norte, Cuba.

BEHIND THE BAN: “My childhood memories are amazing, I had freedom in every way—but I see everything from a different perspective now that I live outside.”

STAMP OF SUCCESS: After attending Cuba’s National Theater School, Ana was cast in three Cuban co-productions with Spain. “My grandparents were Spanish, so I had a dual passport—it was the only way I had to get out.”

RIGHT HOOK: Director Jonathan Jakubowicz handpicked Ana to play the girlfriend of Roberto Duran (Edgar Ramirez) in this month’s boxing biopic Hands of Stone.

COMING TO AMERICA: “Moving to L.A. was hard. I had a career in Spain, and you have to forget your ego. I was a nobody again.”

NOBODY NO MORE: Also this month, she stars alongside Jonah Hill as Miles Teller’s girlfriend in the buddy comedy War Dogs. “I know it sounds like I’m playing all these wives and girlfriends, but they’re not waiting at home. I wear the pants.”

FUTURE UNIT: Next up, Ana joins the highly anticipated Blade Runner reboot, starring Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling. “It’s hard to explain to my parents what’s going on. You can’t compare Hollywood with Cuba. I didn’t even know I could dream this.”


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New magazine scans have been added to the gallery of Ana de Armas featuring Vanity Fair USA September 2016 issue:

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A interview was made during War Dogs where Ana talks a bit about her role in the movie and a bit more! We can definitely see that she is struggling a bit with her English but she has grown so much!

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