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Finally was able to add photos from ‘Hands of Stone’ USA Premiere! We had over 1000 pictures and managed to organize all of them and this is our collection from the event. See over 250 pictures on our gallery:

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First day promoting ‘Hands of Stone’ Ana took a day off from Blade Runner 2 production and wore a beautiful beige dress by Narciso Rodriguez.

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Ana de Armas is on the cover of September spanish magazine ‘Fotogramas‘! See the cover:

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2016 has been a great year for Ana de Armas. The cuban actress arrived in Los Angeles just two years ago and has already managed to work with some of Hollywood’s most respected names. With two brand new films and other on the set, de Armas has many reasons to be happy. We talked to her about her two new films War Dogs, which opens on August 19 and Hands of Stone, which opens on 26 of the same month, the costumes of each and how to work with actors of the stature of Harrison Ford.

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