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‘Blade Runner 2049’ Featurette

There’s a brand new featurette for ‘Blade Runner 2049’ that has a new small scene with Ana, see if you can find her as Joi 😉



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GQ: Blade Runner 2049’s rising star: Ana de Armas

There was a contention back in antiquity: “nothing comes from nothing” (or “nihil fit ex nihilo” if you ever find yourself trying to impress the foreign secretary). It’s an axiom worth remembering when you encounter the likes of Ana de Armas. Although the 29-year-old might seem to have come out of nowhere to own the cinema – she stars in this summer’s Scott Eastwood heist film Overdrive and plays the female lead in this year’s event picture Blade Runner 2049 – she has been quietly building her profile since 2006.

First she had Spanish TV shows; then, after moving to Los Angeles in 2014, Hollywood outings: re-watch Keanu ReevesKnock Knock, Robert de Niro’s Hands Of Stone or Jonah Hill’s War Dogs. She’s the Cuban actress stealing all the scenes. A more elegant philosophical proof we challenge you to find.

GQ intel
Blade Runner left audiences with a mystery: was Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) a replicant or a human? The upcoming sequel (starring Ana de Armas) will “take care of it”, according to director Denis Villeneuve.


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American Film Institute’s 45th Life Achievement Award Gala Tribute

Added attended a new event, sadly, only one picture is available, but better one than none 🙂


Public Appearances > 2017 > 08.06 After party for American Film Institute’s 45th Life Achievement Award Gala Tribute

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People Spanish: Ana de Armas cried when she knew she’d be working with Harrison Ford

“It’s crazy, it’s surreal to be part of such a project,” the 29-year-old Cuban told People Espanol in an interview. “When I found out I cried a lot, I was very excited and very nervous,” added de Armas about the opportunity to participate in the film to be released in October this year.

“Seeing the end result of how it stayed and being the first people to play it around the world is exciting. Those who are fans of the game are going to go crazy, ” she added.

“I grew up with Super Mario and Tetris, now the technology has evolved a lot. The experience you have is very different. The visual design of the video games, the vibration you feel in the control and the sound is much more realistic, it is a totally different experience, ” she said.

Destiny 2 will be released worldwide on September 8th.


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2017 — Overdrive > New Production Stills

Added brand new productions stills of Ana on ‘Overdrive’!

0002.jpg 0005.jpg 0006.jpg 0007.jpg

Film Productions > 2017 — Overdrive > Production Stills

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